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Kirk Cousins | NFL Quarterback

When NFL teams travel to London, performance is often compromised and injuries are common. When Kirk played in London during the fall of 2016, he threw for 458 yards and 2 touchdowns. In this post game interview Kirk discusses the work he did with Dr. Royer to prepare himself for the travel and time change, and how he felt he was able to be at his best come game time.                                                                                                                    

Leaders in Sport

Leaders in Sport is an organization in London that seeks to connect industry leaders with the latest intelligence to improve sports business and athletic performance. They did an interview with Dr. Royer and Tim Bergsma to discuss "how Neurocore Pro's brain training is revolutionizing performance in elite sport."



Tracy Hanson | LPGA Golfer

LPGA golfer, Tracy Hanson takes us through her journey of training with Neurocore Pro.  She discusses how it impacted her golf game, but more importantly her life outside the links.                                                                 

Tobias Harris | NBA Forward

Tobias worked with Neurocore Pro while he was with the Orlando Magic. Three weeks into his time with the Pistons he called Dr. Royer because he knew a key aspect of his game was missing. In this video, Tobias shares how his work with Neurocore Pro off the court changes his focus on the court. 


Michelle McMahon | NHL NEtwork host

Dr. Royer and Tim Bergsma had the pleasure of sitting down with NHL Network host, Michelle McMahon, to talk about her journey over the last year. They discuss how she's managed the stress of changing jobs and moving cities while maintaining an incredibly high level of creativity and focus on her show.

Portland Trail Blazers | NBA 

The NBA schedule is grueling - 82 games a year and flying across the country multiple times is very taxing on the players. Director of Player Health and Performance, Chris Stackpole, is working with Neurocore Pro to increase his players' ability to recover from games and stay healthy throughout the entire season. He discusses his implementation of the Neurocore Pro training with his players and the value it brings to the organization.  

Pete Holmes | You Made It Weird Podcast

Actor, Comedian, Writer, and Producer, Pete Holmes had Dr. Royer on his "You Made It Weird" podcast. The star of the upcoming show 'Crashing' sits down with Dr. Royer and over the course of 90 minutes episode, Pete and Dr. Royer go inside Pete's brain. They discuss how the brain impacts behaviors and how neurofeedback training can help optimize the brain. This episode is as entertaining as it is informative.                                                                                                                                                            


Kirk Cousins | NFL Quarterback

Kirk's journey to the NFL required him to work at every aspect of his game. His work in the weight room, practice field, and film room set him up for success. In this video he discusses his work on the mental aspect of his training and his belief that this was the key to accessing his full potential.

ESPN Outside The LINES

Bob Ley takes a deep look into Chris Kaman's training with Dr. Royer and Neurocore Pro. Chris carried an ADHD diagnosis with him from age 2 1/2 until after he entered the NBA. Then he was introduced to Dr. Royer. Through their work, Chris was able to improve his focus and take his game to the highest level, making the NBA All-Star team and competing in the Olympics.